Ralph Lauren

  • Category: Fashion
  • Client: Ralph Lauren
  • Details: Conceptual ideas for packaging for Ralph Lauren’s 50th Anniversary autobiography book

Concept 1: Classic – The Silk Tie

A luxurious reveal box inspired around the concept of the tie, the classic and iconic piece of fashion Ralph Lauren was known for making his debut on the fashion industry with. When opened, the box would reveal the anniversary book and surprise the consumer with an unexpected pop of colorful silk fabric inside. A specialty tag included would give a short narrative of Lauren’s story and a glimpse into the book.

"Classic, to me, is something that’s timeless, enduring. The things that never go out of style. Polo, the kinds of clothes I design are the kinds of things I believe in, the kinds of things that last forever. I love things that stay." – Ralph Lauren

Concept 2: Glamour – Leather and Watches.

A zip-up black leather case inspired by Ralph Lauren’s use of high- quality leathers, especially on his iconic watches and wallets. The case contains the book, is wrapped in a silk white bag, and then enclosed in a white leather box, reflecting the glamorous shopping experience one has in super high-end retail shops. The tassel is added as a subtle accenting detail to further support the 50-year anniversary theme and his love of watches.

Additional Work